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MilSim Selection which is the Gun Devils Tryouts day is coming up on January 16th, 2016. This will be the next large thing we do as a team. We will be taking some time off around the holidays for time with our families. For those interested in trying out this is your best chance to come out and show us what you got! We will be running a day of MilSim games to access and select individuals. In addition, this is your chance to try our style of game play we enjoy and get to know us as well. It doesn't matter what weapon system, or camo you have. If you can run and shoot then you can try out!

Gates Open: 0700
Briefing: 0800
Start Time: 0830
End Time: 1700
Gates Close: 1800

TIP: It tends to be cold at this time in January so ensure you dress for the weather. Also pack a lunch you can eat on the field.

Tomorrow 10/9 a squad from the team will be traveling to Butlerville, IN to participate in Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series - IRENE XIII. This will be the 9th IRENE we have attended as a team and we look forward to them each time we go. We will be participating as Rangers in the recreation of the Battle of Mogadishu (1993). We hope to see you all there.

The Gun Devils are in preparation to travel back to Butlerville, IN to participate at OP: IRENE held at the MUTC facility. This will be the 9th IRENE the team has attended since it began. A large portion of the team will begin it's event training and work up prior to attending IRENE in early October.

 On April 25th please join the fight at for a 19 hour local MilSim Event at Blackwater Marsh Airsoft Field just outside of Memphis in Dummonds, TN. The Gun Devils will be playing the OPFOR for this game in which there will be several frago's by each side against our force. Cost is just $25 if registered before 4/19, or $35 after. Both sides are filling up fast!

We deeply appreciate being invited to come out in this role and hope to enjoy some great MilSim.  


The team will be heading out to Blacksheep at Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Friday morning. The team will check-in to the event and get a tour Friday of the facility. Saturday we will be up in the morning to get to the site, prep gear, then start playing from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon on Sunday. With over 390 players registered for this event it is shaping up to be huge event for 2015! Learn more at BlacksheepMilsim.com or by finding them on Facebook. 

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