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The team will be heading out to Blacksheep at Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Friday morning. The team will check-in to the event and get a tour Friday of the facility. Saturday we will be up in the morning to get to the site, prep gear, then start playing from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon on Sunday. With over 390 players registered for this event it is shaping up to be huge event for 2015! Learn more at BlacksheepMilsim.com or by finding them on Facebook. 

Fall is hear and pumpkin spice everything is in the air! The Gun Devils are about to start training for OP: Blacksheep @ Camp Shelby in January where we will take two squads of guys to consisting of both Gun Devils & Cerberus. 

The Gun Devils have announced they will be attending OP: Blacksheep at Camp Shelby in January of 2015 as their national event for their 10th year as a MilSim team. Blacksheep is known for their challenging but rewarding MilSim events. Team Members see internal forum updates.

Join the Libyan side with us for a local MilSim event - OP: Salvation at Bad Karma this Saturday! The event will be hosted by our sister team AFA out of Bowling Green. A lot of local teams will be in attendance. Register and pay early to save some money. 


The Gun Devils will be attending Noob Day this year! Every year Bad Karma Airsoft Field hosts its annual Noob Day in March. Hundreds and Hundreds of players from all over come out to support the field, donate to charity, see the vendors, and play Airsoft! If you do not have a team to run with or have a question about the field we are happy to help. We have been a team for going on 10 years now with Bad Karma as our home field. Just look for the Gun Devils banner in the morning!

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