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Join the Libyan side with us for a local MilSim event - OP: Salvation at Bad Karma this Saturday! The event will be hosted by our sister team AFA out of Bowling Green. A lot of local teams will be in attendance. Register and pay early to save some money. 


The Gun Devils will be attending Noob Day this year! Every year Bad Karma Airsoft Field hosts its annual Noob Day in March. Hundreds and Hundreds of players from all over come out to support the field, donate to charity, see the vendors, and play Airsoft! If you do not have a team to run with or have a question about the field we are happy to help. We have been a team for going on 10 years now with Bad Karma as our home field. Just look for the Gun Devils banner in the morning!

MilSim Selection set for Saturday Jan. 11th has been cancelled due to the high chances of rain. That combined with the low temperatures risks people for hypothermia. We love to play and train in all weather but it is not worth risking people's health over. This has been rescheduled for January 25th. Please CLICK HERE for the latest information.

Tomorrow morning our team leaves for Operation IRENE XI at Ft. Knox's MOUT site. This is a tribute airsoft event meant to pay respects to the 18 men that didn't come home from the Battle of Mogadishu on Oct. 3rd & 4th in 1993. Col. Danny McKnight, MSG Mullen, Sgt. Bubba Moore, Sgt. Igor Dobroff, and Sgt. Keni Thomas will be in attendance. The event serves as a living memorial to ensure that those men who sacrificed everything will never be forgotten, while John Lu and Lion Claws simultaneously provides a $10,000 donation to the Special Ops Warrior Foundation.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full scholarship grants as well as educational and family counseling to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty and immediate financial assistance for severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.

The Gun Devils along with our sister team AFA & Cerberus out of Bowling Green, KY will join us on Sgt. Keni Thomas' recon element for the event. A very special thanks to Thomas Grace owner of BG Airsoft for all his support from helping us to repairs, setting up training locations, providing us with BBs, green gas, etc. Also, thank you to Elite Force for their donation of Bio BBs for us to use during the event.

After our final joint training session with our sister team AFA & Cerberus along with Iron Brigade we are now ready for OP: IRENE XI at Ft. Knox. This year's IRENE by Lion Claws will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the actions that took place in Somalia in October of 1993, and paying tribute to those lost. At the event will be Col. Danny McKnight (retired), MSG Howard Max Mullen, SGT Keni Thomas, facing off against Sgt Igor Dobroff (Warlord Aidid) and Sgt Bubba Moore. The Zussman, Anaconda, and RedWing MOUT sites will all be in play at this event.

We will be working under SGT Keni Thomas a veteran of Mogadishu as part of his Recon element with AFA, Cerberus, and Iron Brigade. May those lost during that conflict never be forgotten, and may we all remember the sacrifices so many have made for us to enjoy things like this.

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