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The Gun Devils are in preparation to travel back to Butlerville, IN to participate at OP: IRENE held at the MUTC facility. This will be the 9th IRENE the team has attended since it began. A large portion of the team will begin it's event training and work up prior to attending IRENE in early October.

 On April 25th please join the fight at for a 19 hour local MilSim Event at Blackwater Marsh Airsoft Field just outside of Memphis in Dummonds, TN. The Gun Devils will be playing the OPFOR for this game in which there will be several frago's by each side against our force. Cost is just $25 if registered before 4/19, or $35 after. Both sides are filling up fast!

We deeply appreciate being invited to come out in this role and hope to enjoy some great MilSim.  


We are getting the schedule together for this year. 

3/21/15 Noob Day at Bad Karma Airsoft This looks to be a HUGE DAY for Airsoft in this region. This is being headed up by Musket and Tillah. Gates open at 6am look for our table with our team banner logo to rally up if you want to meet us and run with us for the day. Please see the Bad Karma site about any donations needed. Just swing by our table before time to head on to the field and we'll roll out together.

4/4/15 Basic Operators Course (BOC) at Bad Karma Airsoft We will be hosting our standard BOC course run by our seasoned team members. This date will be an open date for recruiting combining our Selection Event and our Basic Operators Course. The day will consist of a ground up approach to how we shoot, move, and communicate as a team. Those wishing to try out to be part of a national MilSim team are welcome to attend. You will participate alongside our team members rehearsing movements and team standard operating procedures. Just show up with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

7am we unlock the gates.

8am sharp, start time.
6pm Endex of event.

*Please see the General Section of the forum for updates, recommended gear items, etc. 

 4/25/15 OP: Redemption at Blackwater Marsh Airsoft (Drummonds, TN) a squad of us will be participating as OPFOR for this 20 hour MILSIM EVENT.  Please check them out at their Facebook page by using the link. 

5/16/15 Advanced Operators Course - AOC will be hosted on this Saturday for team mates that have already been selected to the team. This will not be an open recruiting date.

7/18/15 Team Cookout - We will be hosting a team cookout. Please see the team forums for more details.



The Gun Devils thoroughly enjoyed their time on Bravo Company (2-1, and 2-2) at OP: Blacksheep at Camp Shelby. The 24 hour straight event is amazing, the MOUT environment is top notch consisting of 28 buildings, and FRAGO Sites. The team was deployed in the morning for 5 hours to hold Al Asad for 1,000 points and succeeded. We went on several raids both successful and unsuccessful in the evening to the main MOUT. We did a good job of defending LL during the night. Later on we joined up with Alpha Company on a FRAGO to Trebil in the wee hours of the morning. We had a 10 minute brief, 10 minutes to plan, and 10 minute ride to the FRAGO to pull off taking a IED vest, laptop, and SAM crate out of a mosque area. We were told Bravo was behind by more than 5,000 points at this time, total moral crusher. At 0320 we put boots on the ground in 36 degree weather, we got our bearing then patrolled in almost a mile, pulled off the raid, and got out to extraction with the points. The team took up some more buildings at night downtown, then going back in after sunrise to hold NN until close to endex, we pushed on the remaining Alpha forces. 

Bravo Company as a whole came back from over 7,000 points behind to win by a little over 2,000 points total for the event! Great times had by all of those who went. We look forward to our next Blacksheep event that we attend. 

The team will be heading out to Blacksheep at Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Friday morning. The team will check-in to the event and get a tour Friday of the facility. Saturday we will be up in the morning to get to the site, prep gear, then start playing from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon on Sunday. With over 390 players registered for this event it is shaping up to be huge event for 2015! Learn more at BlacksheepMilsim.com or by finding them on Facebook. 

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